Total Anastrophe, Volcano Extravaganza

July 2018

Performance & Costumes
Fiorucci Art Trust, Italy
At sunset, Casa Falk in the Piscità district will be courteously open to the public by its owner Martin Hatebur. There, while Alex Cecchetti will quench guests with sensual poetry along with amorous and erotic cocktails from his Love Bar, Osman Yousefzada will present a Total Anastrophes—based capsule collection and performance, for which he will create a limited number of garments inspired by plate tectonics theory, matryoshka dolls and the island itself. Instead of a catwalk, the garments will be organically introduced through the designer’s new format of a performative house party, and will be worn by locally cast models. Co-presented by the Trust with The Store X Vinyl Factory, Cecilia Bengolea will perform a new choreography, evoking the primordial symbol of the serpent with its mutating qualities.