Infinity Pattern 1

July 2021

Installation, Selfridges
Future Systems Building
Birmingham, UK
“Osman’s practice around public art and temporary architectural structures has evolved from his longstanding interest in the inter-relationships between meditation, memory and migration.

The works are in essence symbolic bridges connecting continuously shifting cultures and dream worlds.

Osman’s ‘infinity patterns’ suggest space without borders, even if enclosed within walls, conflating dream states with the act of migration which ruptures into human lives transformed across a globalised world.

In some of his installations, Osman foils everyday architectural features such as doors and corridors, with more imposing structures in order to conjure up scenarios that connote experiences of immigration – from spaces that turn in on themselves to thresholds as signifiers of promise. Movement through the spaces that his work articulates is analogous to geopolitical shifts across borders, as he explains: “They bridge from one world to another ... the colourful global south to the power base of the global north. The memory spaces of former identities that you hold back or carry forward, enabling you to dream and navigate your new environment.”

For Selfridges Birmingham Osman covers the entire structure with tessellated mathematical patterns in bold colours, in order to suggest the possibility of countless new identities and connectivities.”

- Jonathan Watkins - Director of Ikon Gallery